Linda Chapman
Bestselling Children's Author

Welcome to Linda Chapman’s Editorial and Creative Writing Mentoring Services. If you want help with your writing you have come to the right place! I am the author of over 200 books for 5-14 year olds. As well as writing my own original fiction, I am a ghostwriter and love to collaborate with other authors. Over the last twenty years I have had books published with most of the major UK publishers. Before becoming a full-time writer my background was in the field of teaching and education and I really love to help and encourage other writers. 
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Editorial Services

If you are an aspiring writer with a book that you are working on then you may be interested in using my Editorial Services. I offer a variety of different packages from professional advice on an idea during the early stages of development to a full structural edit of a finished manuscript or help in  preparing the manuscript to submit to agents/publishers. I can also offer advice/help if you would like to self-publish a book either as an e-book or as a print-on-demand book available through Amazon.
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Creative Writing Mentoring and Tutoring

Mentoring is very close to my heart. I have a Ph.D. in mentoring within the field of Education from the University of Leicester and over the last fifteen years I have coached and mentored many new/young writers. Mentoring is the ideal option for those wanting on-going, in-depth advice and encouragement as well as serious, professional feedback on their work as it develops. Whether you are just starting out with an idea or have been re-working a manuscript for some time or have several ideas and are wondering which to focus on, I will be able to help you. I also offer creative writing coaching/tutoring either on-line or in person if you live close enough to me in Leicestershire.
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